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G13 x Dawg Haze

Chemdawg X G13xHaze

G13 x Dawg Haze is a very potent strain that hits hard! With a flowering time of about 10 weeks and a nice high yield. The earthy notes coupled with a diesel-like scent give it a musky association in aroma. Is something different than those eternal lemon flavors!

  • Earthy diesel notes, musky aroma
  • Suitable for topping or scrogging
  • Potent strain that hits hard

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Product description


Chemdawg X G13xHaze

The origin from the father’s side of this sativa-dominant hybrid lies in South East Asian landraces. Precisely where from is food for discussion and further investigation because many claims to have stood at the cradle of the mother of this attractive and fabulous species! A beautiful bushy tall plant with many side branches. The central cola is a monster with a big fat body covered with a thick resin. 

Perhaps not directly recommended for novice growers as they may require some guidance during the growth phase due to their typical exuberant sativa growth. But therein lies the challenge for a beginner! 

This plant is definitely worth taking on that challenge! She is also very suitable for topping or scrogging. But be careful! It is a very potent strain that hits hard! 

G13 x Dawg Haze has a flowering time of about 10 weeks and a high yield. The earthy notes, and diesel-like qualities, give it a musky aroma. It is something different than those eternal lemon flavors! 

For those who grow it indoors, make enough room under the lights for the plants to stretch full length and blossom. And it is also absolutely advisable to take aroma (odor) control measures. Dawg Haze is generous with spreading pheromones; at the peak of flowering, you can almost smell them through the walls! Real stinkers they are!

You will not be disappointed with the finished product. Once you have tasted this one, you’ll be back for more, and add this one to your favourite list. 


Gender Feminized
Variety Hybrid
Flowering type Autoflowering
flowering period Indoors 9-10 weeks
flowering period Outside 10+ weeks
THC >20%
Yield Indoors 300+ grams/m2.
Yield Indoors: Outdoors 200+ grams/per plant.
Plant height Indoors 150 cm
Plant height Outdoors >150 meters
Application Recreational and selfmedication