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Orangu Tangie

Our Orangu Tangie is a hybrid marijuana strain that will bring you sweet citrus like aromas while packing a peppery punch!

  • Sweet, citrusy tangerine aroma
  • Euphoric yet relaxed effects
  • Up to 550gr/m2 yield, 21-25% THC  

THC Level: 21-25%

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Product description


Indulge in the sensational symphony of citrus flavors that is Orangu Tangie. A culinary masterpiece born from the union of Orange Bud and Tangie, this strain is the epitome of zest and citrusy delight. Elevate your senses with buds that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Orangu Tangie cannabis seeds will truly grow into marvelous and delicious plants.

🌱 Plant Appearance:- A Feast for the Eyes:

Behold the beauty of Orangu Tangie’s tall stature, adorned with buds generously coated in trichomes. These verdant gems glisten like morning dew, promising a harvest that’s as visually captivating as it is potent. A medium-to-difficult cultivation journey unfolds, offering seasoned growers an opportunity to master a true cannabis delicacy.

💨 Effects: – Elevating Euphoria:

Bask in the euphoria that Orangu Tangie bestows. A blend of tangerine heritage and natural allure, this strain’s euphoric effects are like the burst of sunshine on a crisp morning. As you indulge, a wave of relaxation and creativity envelops you, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious balance of mind and body.

🌿 Characteristics: – A Gourmet Growing Experience:

Orangu Tangie flourishes as a tall and majestic plant, boasting an abundance of resin-rich buds that echo its citrus lineage. With careful nurturing, this strain unveils its true potential in a flowering period of 63-70 days. Its adaptability extends from indoor to outdoor cultivation, thriving in warm climates.

🌾 Yield: – Harvesting Nature’s Citrus Bounty:

A true testament to the art of cultivation, Orangu Tangie rewards your efforts with a bountiful yield of sticky, vibrant flowers. Whether you’re cultivating indoors or outdoors, the dedication you invest in this strain will be repaid in the form of resin-rich, green-leafed marvels.

Get Orangu Tangie Cannabis Seeds

Indulge in the Symphony of Citrus with Orangu Tangie, where every toke is a culinary adventure and every exhale releases the essence of tangerine dreams. Immerse yourself in a world where flavor, aroma, and effect harmonize into an exquisite masterpiece. Elevate your moments and savor the journey with a strain that’s more than cannabis – it’s a true gourmet experience. 🍊🌿🎨


Gender Feminized
Variety Hybrid
Flowering type Photoperiod
flowering period Indoors 9-10 weeks
flowering period Outside 10+ weeks
THC 21-25%
Yield Indoors 500-550gr/m2.
Yield Indoors: Outdoors 500-600+ grams/per plant.
Plant height Indoors 120-160 cm
Plant height Outdoors 2.20 meters
Application Recreational and selfmedication