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Monkey Haze

Jack Herer X G13xHaze

Select 2 outspoken champions and there is a very good chance that after selecting the right phenotypes you will create spectacular offspring! That’s exactly what we did when making Monkey Haze. Look at the parents and you are immediately in hopeful anticipation with the growing of this new variety.

  • Heavy yielder
  • Happy, euphoric mood
  • Wide range of aromas

THC Level: 18-22%

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Product description


Discover Monkey Haze

Monkey Haze = Jack Herer X G13xHaze

If you select two outspoken champions and work with them until you find the best phenotypes, there is an optimal chance of you creating something spectacular. 

That is what we did when making Monkey Haze. Look at the parents, and you are immediately in hopeful anticipation of the growing of this new powerhouse of a variety. And rest assured, it will definitely not disappoint! We made sure of it. 

THC levels average between 18 and 22%. It is a heavy yielder, and a wide range of complex aromas and interesting flavours come forward with lots of citrus fruits, herbs, grass, and wood that stand out. 

The immediate high will instantly put the consumer in a happy, euphoric mood and boost your energy level while simultaneously pushing other physical discomforts, such as stress and pain, into the background. Many users experience a positive damping effect connected with these physical discomforts.

So overall, it’s an ideal strain for daily use, especially during the day, that will keep you positive and with a euphoric and happy vibe for the rest of your day. 

The plants grow to about 1.90-2.00 meters, and when using LED lights, they can be kept in check indoors, especially in the growth phase.

Monkey Haze is a plant for both beginners and experts and is ideal for greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor growth. 

Thanks to all these positive properties, Monkey Haze is an excellent cannabis strain for self-medication for indications such as anxiety, stress, recovery, cramps, spasms, pain, and loss of appetite.